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Sirius microSystems specializes in designing and producing embedded control development boards for education. Our current products are based on the Microchip PICmicro® family of microcontrollers, and are designed to help you or your students learn about electronics, interfacing and microcontroller programming through hands-on activities.


Mouse simulator image

Mouse programming simulator

How do computer programs work? Find out by linking and repeating simple instructions to guide a robot mouse to the cheese in a variety of mazes. If done right, your collection of simple instructions can make an 'intelligent' program.

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UFO circuit image


It's round and has flashing lights. It must be an Unidentified Flashing Object! The UFO is a simple circuit that uses a microcontroller to flash LED lights. UFO is a fun and easy beginner project that's also easily hackable.

Details coming soon.


BMP circuit photo


If you program it right, it may go BMP in the night. The Basic Multipurpose Project was designed for a technology camp and can be built as six different projects using one circuit board to save costs.

Details coming soon.

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What's new?

2014-7-5 - Finishing the design of the CHRPmini - a smaller, less-expensive, control-focused version of the CHRP 3 development system. It will become a project at the CEMC Summer Conference for Computer Studies Educators in August. Can't wait!

2013-5-21 - Introducing a fun tool to teach the basics of programming. Check out our mouse programming simulator and experience how complex programming problems are solved using programs composed of simple instructions.

2012-12-7 - The prototype CHRP 3.0 boards are up and running in both PIC16F886 and PIC18F25K50 versions. We're really excited about some new developments coming for this board soon.

2012-10-28 - Getting the CHRP 3.0 ready for manufacturing. It'll support the PIC16F886, just like the CHRP 2.0, as well as the new PIC18F25K50 with USB!