About us

Sirius - (SEAR-ee-us) n. A binary star in the constellation Canis Major.

Sirius microSystems was founded in 1996 by two teachers for the purpose of commercializing a comprehensive PICmicro training and development package. The award-winning PIC-MDS (PMDS) development systems were the result of many years of teaching experience assembled into in a complete, easy-to-use package with a detailed book including lots of programming examples.

Sirius microSystems products.
The award-winning PMDS development board, the EPIC-MDS programmer, and Quick-MDS.

Our goal has always been to go beyond geekware. We realized that most people starting out with a new microcontroller need more than just a circuit board, a schematic, and a few data sheets. Our systems set the standard for what a complete package should include.

Our focus is on education and to inspire people with technology. That's why we created some awesome new projects and this website.

Here's a new concept. 'Open hardware'

No doubt you have heard of open source software—free programs like Firefox, Open Office, Linux and Android.

We want to start something new—'open hardware'. Our exciting new projects are available under a Creative Commons license, allowing you to use them in totally new ways. Use our designs to make your own projects—we'll even give you professionally-deisgned CAD files. Use our site to learn and teach others—we'll give you the instructions and programs. It's here for your learning, and it's free! Really, see the legal details here. We hope you'll like it.

Everything we describe here is also available completely assembled and tested, in case you just want to dive in and start programming right away without the hassle of building anything first. It's your choice. Enjoy!


Need a circuit for a specific application?

We do custom product development, too. Please contact to discuss the requirements of your next embedded control project.