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CHRP3 level 2 photo

CHRP3 Information

Go to the CHRP3 information page.

CHRP 3.0 schematic diagram (131kB PDF).

CHRP 3.0 parts layout (143kB PDF).

PIC16F886 simplified block diagram.

CHRP 3.0 Gerber files (127kB ZIP).

Common Hardware Robotics Project

We call it CHRP ('chirp'). CHRP was created to help highschool students learn about electronics and computer technology in a fun, hands-on way. It's also great for introductory college and univeristy courses. The capabilities of the CHRP board are designed to grow as the students progress, providing level-appropriate challenges for each grade (10-11-12). CHRP is cost effective, since students build it in stages, adding new parts each year.

CHRP is versatile. You can use CHRP to create rolling robots, walking robots, animatronics, alarm circuits, games, sound generators, weather stations, automated houses, computer peripherals, and much more!

Visit the CHRP3 page.

Buy a CHRP

We're not quite ready to sell the CHRP 3 yet. You can make your own from the included Gerber files, or contact us to get more information on future availability.