CHRP 3 - Common Hardware Robotics Project

We call it CHRP ('chirp'). CHRP was created to help high school students learn about electronics and computer technology in a fun, hands-on way. It's also great for introductory to advanced college and university courses. The capabilities of the CHRP board are designed to grow as the students progress, providing level-appropriate challenges for students in different classes or grades.

CHRP is cost effective, since students build it in stages, adding new parts, and new capabilities, each year/semester without buying a whole new project.

CHRP is versatile. You can use CHRP as a development system and to create rolling robots, walking robots, animatronics, alarm circuits, games, sound generators, weather stations, automated houses, computer peripherals, data loggers, and much more!

Use the CHRP construction and programming resources on the CHRP 3.0 activities page to learn about the CHRP circuitry, and to develop and debug assembly code and C language programs using the free MPLAB software.

CHRPbot - A simpler robotics platform

If you want to make your CHRP board, Arduino or other microcontroller circuit into a simple line-following, remote-controlled, or fully autonomous robot, you'll need a robotic platform to make it mobile. The proven CHRPbot base is the simplest and least expensive way we know of to make your robot go.

The CHRPbot is made from commonly available components using simple tools. It uses DC motors to produce lots of torque without the complexity and expense of gears, and incorporates optical components for line-following applications. See the CHRPbot base activity for all you need to know to build your own robot base.

Common Hardware Robotics Project - CHRP 2

The CHRP 2.x family was phased out and replaced by the CHRP 3 in 2012. Going forward, development and projects on this site will focus on the CHRP 3 family, so the use of the CHRP 2 is not recommended. See the CHRP activities page for reference if you are still using one of the CHRP 2 circuits.

CHRP 1.2

CHRP circuit image

CHRP 1.2 resources

CHRP 1.2 schematic diagram (148kB PDF).

CHRP 1.2 parts layout (576kB PDF).

CHRP 1.2 Gerber files (156kB ZIP).

CHRP 1.2 parts list (68kB ZIP).

Common Hardware Robotics Project - CHRP 1.2

The CHRP 1.2 was the ultimate version of the original CHRP! The CHRP 1.x family was replaced by the CHRP 2 in 2009.

One of the biggest problems with the original CHRP circuit boards was the unreliability of the crystal oscillator circuit in a student environment — it was sensitive to both the type and amount of flux residue remaining on the board and could be difficult to trouble-shoot when it didn't work.

The CHRP 2 was designed to improve on the CHRP by using a microcontroller with a built-in clock circuit (to eliminate the crystal oscillator), and also added support for the Microchip's PICkit-2 programmer through an in-circuit serial programming header.

The CHRP 1.2 is not recommended for use, but its supporting files are available here for reference.